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News coverage San Diego Expo October 2014

Live at the San Diego Expo October 19 2014. ! THAT’S INCREDIBLE!

Live at the San Diego Kids Expo

Thanks to all the fans who saw this Kusi new clip and came out to the kids expo on Oct 19!!! Especially the families who came out just to see and try out the little balance box! Thank you Thank you!! We had a great time watching the kiddos moving around and learning how to […]

Production Update

I signed up with a consultant company yesterday to help keep the Little Balance Box™ moving with production. We will continue to look into production in Mexico and oversees to get the best quality and prices! Thanks again everyone for your continued support and encouragement! 🙂

San Diego Kids Expo April 26 & 27

Thank you so much to the San Diego Kids Expo, fellow exhibitors and attendees!!!  We collected a lot of wonderful feedback and videos that will be posted in the next few days on the website.  I will be adding a question and answer section to further explain some of the Little Balance Box™ features. Tomorrow we […]